These are clips I have created...some just for fun, others are works in progress or
adverts for productions I'm involved with...Click thumbs to watch online or download.
Chicken's Lair
'Family Guy' version of the opening to the 1980's animated arcade classic, 'Dragon's Lair'...more HERE
Venture Brothers- 'Lam-Pooned!'
Animatic 'mini-sode' I created that takes place right after the ending to series 3...more HERE
STARtoons- Retro Rescue
Full trailer for the upcoming animated PC game I am creating...more HERE
The Binch
My animated version of the wonderful Robert Suggs 9-11 Tribute Poem...more HERE
Red Dwarf- Animated- Opening
Series One opening credits.
The Little Match Girl
Roughly half of the story animated...shelved project. More HERE
Mexican Standoff: Delayed
Animated short I created for the DVD release of 'Pizzaman Vs The Dude', by Smallpond Films
Howard The Duck 2- Return to Duckworld
Imaginary trailer for a sequel to my all time favorite strange film...more HERE
Space Ace 2- Kimberly's Quest
Trailer for the playable sequel game to 'Space Ace' , shelved...more HERE
Space Ass
Animatic for a 'Family Guy' version of the attract mode for 'Space Ace'
Space Ghost- Osama Bin Laden
How I imagine an interview between Space Ghost and Bin Laden might go...
Stephen King's 'The Mist' in 3D
Anaglyph 3D animatic (one of several I'm working on) to accompany the 1980's 3D Audio Production.
Casablanca: 2025!
One of the first parody trailers I did...some films simply should NOT be remade...
Rush Limbaugh- 'The Word'
'Colbert Report' style 'The Word' segment on Rush's 'speech' at the CPAC
KC Animation Demo Reel
My animation Demo Reel for 2009.
More KC Vids on YouTube