Imaginary Episode Animatic
Storyboard Sketches
I am a huge fan of 'The Venture Brothers' on Cartoon Network's ADULT SWIM (Sunday nights)...loved the recent season, but was very disheartened to see Henchman 24 bite the big one...or DID he?
That's the basis for this side project of mine, an animatic with sound effects/music and voicework that depicts a Venture Brothers 'Minisode' of how Henchman 24 LIVED...

Follow everything by downloading the
SCRIPT and storyboard art, plus the ANIMATIC, below...
Download my 'Venture Brothers' Screensaver while you're here!

Animated, includes production and promotional artwork.
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"It looked official...damned fooled me for a second..."
- Doc Hammer, co-creator of 'The Venture Bros'
View the FINISHED animatic by clicking the DOWNLOAD button below.
NOTE- I've replaced a few of the boards above here with some more interesting looking  'flashback' see them, click below...
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