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Howard The Duck- Misunderstood Mallard
Site I created  in honor of my all time favorite strange film...considered a dud (Cost: 30 Million...Box Office Take at Release: 10 Million...Ouch!), produced by George "Star Wars" Lucas, I don't understand why it was such wonderful cheese....original screensavers, games, film clips, sounds.
Bad Movies Org
If you harbor a secret love for BAD cinema ("Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity", "MegaForce", "Terrorvision", etc), visit this well done site...sound and film clips included with each review...very entertaining...also, the DOWNLOADS area contains the official site game and screensaver I created.
TRON Sector
Before CGI existed in the movies, there was Disneys' TRON...One of the first films to incorporate computer effects as a central part of the visuals.  Site contains a ton of info on the film (plus is planned sequel, "TRON.2.0"), and a screensaver for the film I created.
Exorcist 2- The Heretic
HILARIOUS, in depth review (shot for shot, line for terrible line) for one of the WORST sequels Hollywood has ever subjected the general public to. Set aside a LOT of time to read the whole article, it's VERY funny.
Rock and Rule- The Homepage
In the early 1980's, a wonderful Canadian animation company called Nelvana released this animated film concerning the post holocaust future, wherein cats, dogs and street rats were the only survivors.  They have mutated into human/animal hybrids...and play in rock n' roll bands!...The hero (Omar) and his singing girlfriend (Angel) must stop SuperRocker 'Mok' from releasing a powerful demon that will...well, visit the site and see for yourself....
CityScape Screensaver based on the film (created by myself) available for download there as well.
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Vincent's 'Casablanca' Site
THE most comprehensive 'Casablanca' site online.
If you love this classic American Film, you gotta check this site, pics, sounds, clips, links...heck, even my
parody of the film is included here, it's THAT complete!
Movie Mistakes! Wallywood...breathing new life into old movies...with many movie themed games and e-cards...PLUS, you can review movies yourself! CLICK HERE to review...
SCTV Clips
SCTV was one of the funniest shows ever aired, IMO...spawning the careers of everyone from John Candy to Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, you can download/watch some of my fave sketches HERE