Altered Sequences
The Ending
The most important revision to the theatrical version of the film was to alter the finale...rather than the ending seen in theaters, this version is as close to the source material as possible.
Mrs Carmody Sequences
Several of the sequences depicting Mrs. Carmody's character have been trimmed, to delete the 'foul language' she used in the theatrical version of the story...Mrs. Carmody did NOT speak this way in the book. Her scene with Amanda in the restroom has been dropped completely, losing her 'squat out a friend like you' reference.
The 'Love Affair' Sequences
The entire side storyline of the blossoming love between the soldier and his girlfriend has been dropped, as it was not in the original text.
'Chapter Titles' and 'Opening Text'
To add to the 'novella flavor', opening text taken from the first line in the book is now seen onscreen directly before the opening scene. It reads...

'This Is What Happened...'

This serves to bookend the closing text onscreen, which reflects the 'Hartford/hope' angle.
Chapter headings now appear onscreen between the numerous 'fade outs'  used to exit several scenes. These chapter headings are directly from the novella ('What Happened to the Bagboy', 'The Flat Earth Society', etc)
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