Get a CUSTOM MADE Screensaver via Karstens Creations.

More like a multimedia presentation than a simple saver, as low as $25.00...
animation, special effects, credits you write, sound effects and impressive name it.

You describe it, I design and produce it.

Rates available to download below.
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Please visit "JoBlos Movie Emporium" too...I have created over 100 Movie Themed screensavers hosted there.
One of my Tribute Savers to the Arcade Classics.
VERY small file size, worth the download.
Also, if you loved those classics like I did, jump on over to my
COOL STUFF page and download lets you play 100s
of classics on your PC...FREE!
The last film (released summer 2001) by Kevin Smith in his comedy series from the View Askew Universe, and it had no 'official' screensaver anywhere I could find online....soooo....(officially endorsed by Kevin Smiths' website 'View Askew'!)
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Free Celebrity Screensavers
Hosted at The Movie Emporium as well, from Brad Pitt  to Reese Witherspoon...about a dozen or more, adding new ones all the time...Check it out!
CLICK HERE to Visit Celebrity Savers
'Elvira's Haunted Hills'  Movie Screamsaver
The Official Screensaver for Elvira's latest film!
Features scenes from the movie, spooky background music, animations.
Visit the films OFFICIAL site...CLICK HERE
DOWNLOAD the Official Movie Game HERE
'The Others' Screensaver
Simple yet effectively creepy screensaver tribute to the Nichole Kidman ghost flick...
Monty PythonScape Screensaver
I recently discovered online that there was but ONE freeware Python saver out there!
Well, we CAN'T have THAT.
This baby includes rotating stills (on the TV) from the television episodes, an exploding penguin on the telly, Terry Gilliams giant head, the BirdMan, and MUCH more! All animated, with sounds.
South Park School Saver
Saver depicts fully animated scene with my favs from the cast of Trey and Matts disturbingly humorous show...from Chef to Satan, from Cartman to Kenny (on fire)...even Ike...snow, too!...DISPLAY SETTINGS must be set to 800x600 to see the animations correctly.
All Screensavers should be displayed at  800x600 or larger, set from CONTROL PANEL.
'Supergirl- The Movie'  Saver
I love this wonderfully bad film...
The screensaver includes the opening score, and scenes that change in the lower an animated, flying Helen Slater who zooms 'towards' you as the different backdrops receede from view. 600 x 800 to view correctly.
The saver is fully animated, all the main players including Fry and Leela on a rocket cycle, Bender floating by, Dr. Zoiberg spinning randomly, Amy applying make-up...and more...
'The Everborn' Screensaver
In honor of the release of his novel, 'The Everborn', author Nicholas Grabowsky asked KC to create the official screensaver, depicting alien visitation and mystery...

'Family Guy' Screensaver
The saver features the Griffin family poking their heads in to have a look at you, dancin' Stewie, The Evil Monkey, and screenshots.
'Firefly' Screensaver
Based on the short lived FOX TV series (it deserved better!) and recent film ('Serenity') the screensaver depicts shots of the cast, animated title, and approaching ship ...also includes the complete opening theme music.
ATHF-Mooninites Screensaver
Those huggable aliens from 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' in their own screensaver! The Mooninites glide all over your screen, as some of their best quotes randomly float about...nothing fancy, small download...but effective...!
'Venture Bros' Screensaver
Tribute to the wonderfuly wacky Cartoon Network 'Adult Swim' series.
Features character shots, animated boys running, spinning skull, and impressive rough pencil art (storyboards) from the show.
'Red Dwarf' Screensaver
Based on the wonderful BBC show, the saver depicts the Starbug zooming toward you thru space, Hollys' head materializing/vanishing, scenes from the show, and of course...a dancing Munchkin Rimmer doll.
'Stephen King's THE MIST' Moviesaver
FINALLY! A movie version of my favorite Stephen King tale, released in November '07! Features animated mist, evil creatures, and scenes from film.
KC Savers are featured at YIPPEE Shareware...Click logo below.
'The Fifth Element' Screensaver
Scenes from the film, animated cityscape, complete with flying vehicles...some of which soar out and up towards the viewer...
Drew Barrymore Screensaver
Ahhh, the lovely Miss Drew...beautiful, smart, and funny as all hell...who could ask for more?
'The Dark Crystal' Screensaver
Features stills from the wonderful, imaginative film from Jim Henson...lightning flashes occassionally, illuminating the foreboding castle, the crystal fades in and out...