KC Animated Short on DVD
The DVD release of 'Pizzaman Vs. The Dude' features an animated short done by Karstens Creations Filmworks. The film is now available on DVD from NorthEnd Films...click pic to watch my short.
Joblo.com Magazine Advert
www.joblo.com advert in 'RUE MORGUE', a horror  genre publication which featured my artwork. Click thumb on left for larger view.
Animation Character Design
An animation studio out of Toronto created an 'intro animation' for exclusive JoBlo clips on the site, and the nacho munchin' dude was designed by Karstens Creations.  (clip pic for clip)
'The Retroist' on 'STARtoons- Retro Rescue'
A very nice write up on my 'Retro Rescue' PC game, plus the Weekend Gamer TV interview I did can both be found HERE.

'The Mist- The Novella Cut'
My fan edit version of the Frank Darabont/Stephen King film 'The Mist'. 
Included is a completely new ending, based on the book  finale. 'The World's Greatest Critic' aslo reviewed the cut,

Exclusive 'JoBlo' Products Featuring My Artwork
JoBlo's Movie Emporium is offering a wide selection of merchandise featuring cartoons and artwork I created for them.
Animated Webseries
Everything Doctor Who mixed with pop culture spoofs, scifi media references and more...it's a bonafide 'Doctor Stew'! Click HERE for artwork, vid clips and more.
'Tees With Tude'
I'm now doing design work for 'Tees With Tude' TShirts creating original toons for their shirts. Click the pic on the left to visit my exclusive store page on their site.