Get a CUSTOM MADE PC Game at Karstens Creations for as low as $25.00...YOU supply the information...what you want in the game (photos of friends, family...yourself)...sounds and music...and what KIND of format.

Adventure, space shooter or puzzle style arcade's up to

GREAT download for companies promoting a product or service, or just as a gift for a family member or friend...All games are self installing, and easy to email or download...CLICK the TEXT below for ORDERING INFO and OUTLINES.
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Download several movie themed games I created for 'Jo Blo's Movie Emporium  HERE
Elvira's- Attack of the Killer 'B' Movies
Karstens Creations has been licensed to create the OFFICIAL game and screensaver for Elvira's new film!
Download the game here...control The Mistress of the Dark as she flies thru space in a fevered dream, blasting all the incoming BAD MOVIES and aliens!
Self Installing, VIRUS FREE program...Winzipped, 3.56 MB
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Guide Rick around the streets of Casablanca, collecting visas to get out of the city!
A variant on the arcade classic PacMan, includes sounds from the classic film, and cut away photos...three levels.

FREEWARE, Self Installing and VIRUS FREE.
"Customized Retro Gaming"
Home Movies TETRIS
Based on the wonderfully strange Cartoon Network 'Adult Swim' toon. This off site page from the 'Mortgages and Marbles' site devoted to the show.

Click below to download...
Aqua Teen Hunger Force- Mooninitron
Remember ROBOTRON?
Remember the ATHF Episode with those obnoxious, hilarious Mooninites?
Heres your game, then...
Includes mix WAV files of the characters, VERY FAST gameplay...
MORE 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' Games...CLICK HERE
GalaxiBabes 'Warp Pursuit'
MOUSE CONTROL -Rear view of one of my own toon creations, GalaxiBabe STARR as she flies her rocketcycle across space and time, blasting incoming enemy saucers.
'Space Ace 2- Kimberly's Quest'
Only one level, game creation was halted.

See the 'attract mode' and one level played thru with all correct moves...

DOWNLOAD and PLAY the level...
Marvin the Paranoid Android-'Deprestris'
Based on the wonderful creation of Douglas Adams from his 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' books, now a movie as well! TETRIS starring the chronically depressed android!
RED DWARF- Munchkin Invaders
I love this BBC SciFi comedy series.
Based on the episode entitled 'Blue', you play as Lister, and attempt to blast all those pesky Dancing Rimmer Munchkins!
Includes scenes from the hit show and music/dialouge, including the 'Munchkin Song'.
RED DWARF- 'Starbug Starblast'
Based on the BBC show, you pilot STARBUG in an attempt to blast as many oncoming asteroids as possible. If you succeed, a rare stash of curry awaits you! Includes dialouge from the show, animated Holly...JOYSTICK recommended to play, but not required.
South Park 'Ginger Blast'
Cartman Vs Gingers! You mouse control Cartman in a fevered nightmare, as he blasts incoming 'Gingers' GALAXIANS style! Features sound clips from the show.
Stewie's Quest- Destroy All Broccoli!
The evil infant from 'Family Guy' is on a desperate quest to recover all the portions of his Broccoli Destruction Gun, recently dismantled by his mother Lois!

ARROWS and SHIFT control evil Stewie..includes dialouge and music from the hit FOX show!
South Park 'Kick The Baby!'
Control Kyle, keephim kicking Ike as long as possible, aim at the onscreen objects...from aliens to Mr. Hat and more...kick the baby!
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