Animatics are basically storyboards set to audio. Using an sound source (such as an audio book or a recording of actors reading a script set to a musical score) sketchwork can be set to accompany the sound to tell a 'slideshow style' story, depicting action and camera effects.

I've always enjoyed creating animatics, considering the time it takes to create fully realized animation, an animatic can serve as a more simplistic format for presenting a sequence to convey a story. This page features some of my favorite animatic creations, the anaglyph 3D one is in EXE format (for best picture quality) and the rest as movie files or YouTube clips. 
Stephen King's THE MIST- Final Confrontation

Selected scene (near the story's end) incorporating the 1986 Simon and Shuster 3D Audio production for sound. EXE slideshow presentation.
'Family Guy' Version of THE MIST Movie Ending (Take One)
Gag idea for a cutaway scene for 'Family Guy', version one.
'Venture Bros' Imaginary Episode 'Lam-Pooned!'
10 minute story I wrote and sketched up that picks up where season three left off. I also did all of the voices, so be kind.
'Family Guy' Version of THE MIST Movie Ending (Take Two)
Another gag idea for a cutaway for 'Family Guy'.
Space Ass
'Family Guy' version of the Attract Mode from the 1983 arcade classic 'Space Ace'.
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'Family Guy' Version of 'The Mist'
Five animatic sequences spoofing key scenes from the film 'The Mist'. I wrote the gags and did all of the male character voices, Mrs Lockhart and Meg were voiced by Courtney W. from Wisconsin.