Here you will see samples of the comic style art you can commission thru Karstens Creations...I can mimic just about any 'ol style you can throw at me (makes it fun to get that particular 'look' you are after), or I can do my's up to you...Need a comic book created, a logo done or an animation for a site? Have a look...
Links below let you download my favorite strips.
Introducing....Our Pair!
STAR TREK..Classic
Popular strip...
More classic STAR TREK...
STAR WARS...Edited Edition
Click Thumbs for larger.
This is a newspaper style strip I came up with awhile back.

The pages on either side of this text were meant to be the 'introduction' of the characters Nikki and Nero...when they are zapped thru the portal, they are altered to become the characters you see in the strips below.
The strip spoofs all SciFi and Fantasy media, and occassionally keeps tabs on Nikki and her pal, Nero...below are some favorites.
See the trailer for a proposed 'STARtoons' Animated Film...CLICK HERE