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Welcome to my 'Chicken's Lair' page!

This is where I'm putting everything from my
FAMILY GUY PC tribute trailer, a parody of the 1980s arcade game 'Dragon's Lair'. This is a NON PROFIT venture, created for the fans of 'Family Guy' and Don Bluth.

The animated sequence (finished, and ready to download, below) is meant to spoof the 'Attract Mode' of the original 'Dragon's Lair' arcade game created by the great Don Bluth...originally I had intended to create an entire game, about 10 min long, but since these are copyrighted characters, I have since decided to create an entire playable animated game based on my own 'STARtoons' characters (
CLICK HERE for more) that will be available on this site when finished.
The castle...click for larger pic.
Swinging ropes (clear JPG screengrab)
Less picture clarity than shot above (animated GIF format)...actual game screens will look like the still.
Idea for 'poster' art
Storyboarded 'Rope Sequence', V1
Animated pencil test for Attract Mode
Color Sheets and Character Design
Peter The Plucky
Film Clips
DOWNLOAD The 'Attract Mode' !
Clip is in Windows WMV format for fastest download/best quality.
Comments? Suggestions?  Just click below to get in touch...
Peter ('cell', no BG) from Attract Mode
Peter jumps in to attack the Chicken!
The Chicken lays Peter out!
"Ahhhh! Peter, look out...!"
My version of the 'Bridge Tentacles' is the Squid...
"...Victory Is MINE...!"
Interesting news! Alex Borstein herself (Lois and other voices and a producer for 'Family Guy') has lended some assistance (VERY kindly!) with my project!
Here's what she had to say recently on her website...

"...I say make your game and have a blast...I will put the trailer up in the writers room tomorrow, and play it for the staff...hows that sound? I'll let you know how we all like it....let me know if you want an honest review or just a pat on the back...I'll wait to watch it with the gang...I love that you have taken the time to make this game at all, I think it's amazing anyone can figure out how to do that..."

"Wow!!! Let me tell you, the entire staff was more than impressed with your work. Seth himself has yet to see it, as he was busy recording all day, but the writers couldnt get enough of it. In particular they liked the hot Lois with the sexy shot of 'side boob'...Nice touch! I did ask Seth if he was familiar with the game 'Dragon's Lair' and he said he was. He spoke very fondly of it, as it was one of his faves. I believe he said he has the game at home.
I will show him the trailer tomorrow and get his review for you.
Great work my friend.

Who knows? If THIS parody game goes over well, there's always that second arcade classic to do 'Family Guy' style...(see below!)
CLICK for Larger Version...;)
Audio Clips
Visit the RetroGamingRadio Site
Seems my project garnished some attention from an online radio show dealing with classic games, 'RetroGamingRadio'! Host Shane Monroe likes what I've done so far, download the clip below!
I also made an animatic for 'Space Ass'...CLICK HERE to view it!
"...Better than 'Blue Harvest'!" - Herbienbrian, YouTube
Or Just Watch at....