This is one of my first animated short films, THE BINCH ia based on the wonderful poem by Robert Suggs, which was a play on the classic Doctor uess tale, 'The Grinch'.

You can download the poem in its entirety below.

I had to edit a few words here and there for time, but the final animation received a 'thumbs up' from Mr. Suggs himself.

I hope you enjoy it!

DOWNLOAD The Original Poem "The Binch"...CLICK HERE
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Email the poems' author, Mr.Robert Suggs, by clicking here.
"...Clever, colorful, and close to my original...You did us proud, and I am looking forward to showing everyone your adaption of "The Binch".

- Robert Suggs, Author of 'The Binch' poem.
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"Hi Kevin...Just wanted to say *thanks* for taking the time on 'The Binch' and sharing it with us.  As a firefighter from upstate New York, what happened to my brothers in the FDNY is something I'll never forget...Thanks for softening the blow by adding a smile as only you can do with your talents..."

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"I nearly cried when the people were triumphantly singing...and I loved Max wearing the USA t-shirt..."

"Talk about hitting the nail on the head...the presentation was AWESOME...Bravo!"

"I have lived in NYC all my life, and since 9/11 I have seen dozens of short films (from) that terrible day...but this is one of the best I have seen! I must agree with the (reviewer) who said 'if there was a way to explain this to my little boy, this would be it...Thank you."