Emergencies have no way of being foreseen or avoided, and the need for money in such circumstances is dire. You can get some quick cash against your car with KarCreat Loans. We pride ourselves in being one the best logbook loan providers in the UK and are accredited members of the Consumer Credit Trade Association. Some of the features that make us your preferred lender includes, but is not limited to:-

  • Loan ranges from £300 – £35,000 and are based on the value of your car
  • A simple, easy and fairly short application process. If approved, you could get your cash within hours of your application. Keep in mind that there should be sufficient time to allow for administration, underwriting as well as processing of your loan.
  • Flexible monthly or weekly repayments that suit your preferred budget
  • Our rates are fixed so you just have to pay the same amount of money per month or per week depending on the arrangement we settle on.
  • You keep your car and still drive it as long as you keep up repaying the instalments in time
  • No upfront fees or hidden charges
  • You can repay your loan earlier than the set loan term which will cost far less than if you paid it for the length of the initially established loan term.
  • Not only do we offer loans on cars but also consider vans and motorbikes.

We believe in being fair

We are fair to every person that applies for a loan with us and therefore treat each case differently. As such, you are assured to be considered in as much as you may have a bad credit history or none at all.  Our staffs are professionally trained to thoroughly and comprehensively take you through the whole process, ensuring that you understand all our terms and conditions before you commit. Our partner company Credit Poor offer loans for poor credit which you may be able to utilise too.

We offer the best rates

We are a direct lender and not brokers. This, apart from making us the sole decision makers on your loan application means that we offer you a loan based on our resources enabling us to have the best deal for you. No third party fees to inflate your loan are levied.

We are responsible lenders

We evaluate each application carefully and offer you a loan purely based on your affordability to repay. You can get as little or as much as you need as your loan is purely based on the value of your vehicle. We are ethical and responsible and therefore advice you accordingly on what would work best for you.

We embrace technology

We stay in touch with the ever evolving world of technology and constantly introduce packages that are at par with the current trend. We have an easy online application process that makes the application process swift and only a click away.

The customer comes first

We realize you are of core importance because you keep us in business. We provide excellent customer service and personalized attention to each of our customers. Once your application is received, a particular agent will be assigned to you. Apart from skilfully taking you through each step of the whole application process, you can contact the agent anytime during the loan term should you have any queries.

We value discretion

Each application is received and kept in utmost confidentiality. This fact is further enriched by the fact that no third party individuals are involved; it’s just you and us.