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"...Clever, colorful, and close to my original...you did us proud, and I am looking forward to showing everyone your adaption of 'The Binch'..."

-Robert Suggs

Author of the 9/11 tribute poem, 'The Binch'
Over 1000 pics, plus movies, savers, games...
"WOW-Those games are AWESOME!...Thanks for all your work...both Matt and I are appreciative. I think it's great that you did the games- I actually played 'Mooninitron' on our production manager's PC and found it damn near impossible to beat...!"
-David Willis, Co-Creator of 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' regarding my  ATHF Games
Random MST3K Quote...
"I am really on the edge of my seat, here...I should scoot back, I've got plenty of room....."

-Crow- Show 820-'Space Mutiny'
"...Funky animation...and the bit with Flynn missing and setting up his being in CS...gave me chills..."

-Steven Lisberger
, Director of 'TRON' regarding my 'TRON 2.0' trailer
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'Art Of Kevin Karstens' DVD
"WOW! Lemme tell you, the entire staff was more than impressed with your work...the writers couldn't get enough of it...The entire writing staff, including Seth (MacFarlane) watched the trailer last night and enjoyed the hell out of it! It's great work!"
-Alex Borstein, 'Lois Griffin' of FOX's 'Family Guy' regarding my 'Chicken's Lair' trailer
"It looked official...damned good...it fooled me for a second..."
-Doc Hammer, Co-Creator of 'The Venture Bros', regarding my animatic
More Reviews & Comments for Karstens' work at Pipl...
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